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The Evolution in Workforce Housing

CTHS Buildings Inc. currently showed its new product line “The Evolution in Workforce Housing” at the Calgary Gas and Oil Expo Held in June 2013.

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So you need affordable housing?

In a world where resources are scarce and recycling is the new norm, we are faced with many challenges for housing people. From temporary solutions to permanent homes, cost has to be a factor as well as flexibility.

Containerized Homes is in the business of building homes, both temporary and long-term solutions, out of recycled shipping containers. You might ask, how can living in a box be ideal? This website will walk through all the benefits of this type of living accommodation, from its cost benefits to build to savings long term that come from all the benefits of shipping containers.

Why Shipping Containers?

Well, to put it simply, they are more affordable, more environmentally friendly and sustainable, portable and well, kinda cool!

There are lots of needs for housing beyond your typical wood framed home in the suburbs. Low-Income Housing and housing for the homeless are priorities right now, as well as temporary housing for work-camps and major events.


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Work Camps

Thinking Green?

Container Homes go WAY beyond industry standards for enviro-friendly homes. We are more energy efficient, we use less water, we are better insulated and can be 100% solar powered. Read More about the Green Benefits of Container Home Living.